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Do you know a story that deserves a spot in Legacies? If so, please tell us about it.  Include the following information in your email:


The name of the story

Either information as to where we can find the story online or an attached file copy of the story itself (most file formats are acceptable, but if you're in doubt, just ask)

The name/penname of the story's author (as the author prefers to be listed in the archive)

The author's email address (and whether or not the author is willing to have this information included in the header of her story).

The story's rating (please see our faq page if you have questions)

The story's classification (Is it angst? AU? Romance? A long JAG story? A vignette?)

A brief summary of the story (we'll use yours if the author doesn't provide one of her own)

Proof that you have contacted the author and acquired her permission for us to upload her story to Legacies. The easiest way to do this is to forward copies of your email conversation with the author to us. We will keep this information on file here at Legacies.

A brief testimonial as to why you think this story should be included in the archive


Please note that Legacies doesn't have the manpower to contact authors on your behalf. If you feel a story deserves a place in the archive we ask that you take the step of coordinating the process with the author. Be aware that we will not add any story to the archive if we don't have concrete evidence from the original author that they approve of their work's inclusion.



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