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For a variety of annoying, code related reasons these stories are no longer password protected, but as they do contain adult content they will continue to be listed separately from the rest of the archive. If you are uncomfortable with adult material (or not of legal age), please return to the main sections of the archive for your reading pleasure.


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The Times of His Life



Classification: Romance (H/M) Rating:  AO, Length: 29,000 words (72 pages in MSWord), Spoilers: Post season 10 Christmas episode and ďAutomatic for the PeopleĒ.

From the Nomination:

"I enjoy all of CLK's work.  This particular AU story offers an interesting twist of "what could have been"."


"This was just a fun, well-written story.  Although it was AU, I could see Harm in this.  Would have loved seeing this played out on screen.  Reminded me a little of "Retreat Hell" which I thoroughly enjoyed."

Archived:  11/25/06
H. Lee


Classification: Romance (H/M)  Rating:  AO, Length: 24,000 words (54 pages in MSWord), Spoilers: Up to sometime in Season 8 or around 6 months to a year after Afghanistan

From the Nomination:

"These stories are full of wit and romance.  You read both of these stories and at the end you smile.  The author also has a great feeling of knowing how Harm and Mac both feel.  I hightly recommend any of the stories by this author."


 "It's just so sweet, the way Harm "eases" into Mac's heart, even though, unknown to him, he was already there.  Liked also the litter interaction with Keeter.  In my opinion, H. Lee weaves stories that make them a must read."


 "This is one of the funniest and sweetest stories I have read.  Harm and Mac are characterized in a way that looks at their relationship from a completely different angle.  They spend the weekend together discovering the different facets of their relationship.  It is AO for the ending, but this is one of my all time favorites."

Archived:  09/27/06





Classification:  JAG Story, Romance (H/M), Rating: AO, Length: 4,400 words (15 pages in MSWord), Spoilers: Anything up to season 6.

From the Nomination:

"I like how the author portrays how H&M interact and banter with each other in this fic. Harm is totally adorable and Mac has a wicked, irreverent sense of humor."

Archived:  06/08/05


Harm and Mac Classification: JAG Story, Romance (H/M) Rating: AO , Length: 100,000 words (145 pages in MSWord)

From the Nomination:

"I'm French and when I read this story I'm falling in love. I don't know why it's just a wonderful story"

Archived:  04/08/10


Soaring Free



Classification: JAG Story, Romance (H/M) Rating: IM15 (part 2 is AO) , Length: 42,500 words (125 pages in MSWord), Spoilers: All Seasons

From the Nomination:

"This story held my attention from beginning to end as Harm and Mac come together to make their relationship permanent.  We get to see Harm and Mac working together to solve a challenging heartbreaking case and bite our fingernails as a relationship from Mac's past threatens our happy couple's future.  We get to come full circle in this wonderfully romantic and sweet story."

Archived:  03/07/07

Shannon S.

Dirty in Iraq


Classification: Romance (H/M) Rating: AO , Length: 14,000 words (29 pages in MSWord), Spoilers: Through season 8.

From the Nomination:

"This story is a very well written and entertaining glimpse into what might have happened during season seven or eight had the writers agreed with the shippers."

Archived: 12/27/06


Harm's Seduction


Classification: Romance (H/M) Rating: AO , Length: 10,000 words (22 pages in MSWord), Spoilers: For argumentís sake Harm never left JAG after Paraguay.

From the Nomination:

"This story tastefully presents what we all thought was long overdue by the time season nine rolled along.  The author's ability to entertain shines through again."

Archived:  02/28/07


Once More, the Goal in Sight Again



Classification: JAG Story, Crossover (X-files), Romance (H/M)  Rating:  AO, Length: 30,000 words (62 pages in MSWord), Spoilers: Everything up to "Adrift II," flashbacks, time sequences of "Mutiny" have been drawn out. And yes, itís a direct take from the X Files episode, "The Field where I Died," but you donít have to have seen that episode for the story to make sense. Being lazy, Iím plagiarizing some excerpts from "Field" in context with this story.

From the Nomination:

"Spider has created a fitting story that meshes seamlessly with Mutiny and wraps up all the loose ends from that story.  It's well told, well written, and probably the most coherent crossover I've found for JAG.  It's rare to find a crossover that puts equal importance on both universes while adhering to two different canons.  There are very few stories out there that deal with Mutiny, and Spider did a great job of answering the unanswered questions while giving us something satisfyingly shipper at the same time."

Archived:  10/11/06
A Day When You Can See Forever


Classification: JAG Story, adventure, Romance (Harm/Terri Coulter)  Rating:  AO, Length: 105,000 words (248 pages in MSWord), Spoilers: Anything through ďBack in the Saddle,Ē Season 9. Follows the show up to the point where the Admiral offers to reinstate his commission, but in this story, not as a JAG officer. Instead, thereís an opening for a military law instructor at Annapolis, and Harm gladly takes it.

From the Nomination:

"This story deals with a very sensitive subject, but it also shows Harm's passion for the truth, his love of one great lady, and his passion for people he cares about."

Archived:  11/01/06

Tracy M.

Can't Fight This Feeling



Classification: Romance (H/M), Adventure, JAG Story  Rating:  AO, Length: 835,000 words (450 pages in MSWord), Spoilers: Through "Surface Warfare" and "Legacy"

This story is archived in five parts, each of which may take up to two minutes to load on a dial-up connection.

From the Nomination:

"This epic story begins at the surface warfare ball right after Mic announces that he has reserved his commission to be with the woman he loves. Harm and Mac are forced to confront their feelings or risk losing each other forever. This is very well written, as are all of Tracy's stories. It spans the time period from May 200 to Christmas 2005. It is the direction JAG could have gone, how things between Harm and Mac should have been. It is simply wonderful."


"Tracy Jean is one of the best writers of JAG FF that I have read and this is one of the best. It has so much in it: sadness, angst, hilarity, every possible emotion. It reminds me of a roller coaster ride at times, and she is able to make me feel all these different emotions simultaneously. It's one that I read again and again."

Archived:  04/03/10



Darkness Descending Classification: Angst, Drama, Romance (H/M), Rating: AO, Length: 41,000 words (100 pages in MSWord), Spoilers: None

From the Nomination:

"This is an extremely powerful piece that deals with Mac's recovery from a rape, plus Harm's realization that he loves her.  It's wonderfully written and very realistic.  Plus, it also ends with some of the funnier Harm and Mac nicknames ever:  Nature Boy and Fertile Myrtle."

Archived:  11/09/05




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