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2009 EST

The following day, Harm awoke with thoughts of Terri on his mind. He was feeling very uneasy about the previous evening. Everything had gone perfectly, until the kiss. Not that the kiss itself wasn’t perfect; of course it was. What wasn’t so perfect was the timing. They had just shared a wonderful dinner, and even more satisfying conversation, as they’d caught each other up on their lives since they’d last spoken on the phone. Harm would have said being with Terri was like slipping into a pair of old, comfortable jeans – ones that have been stretched and molded over the years, to fit you just right. But that was such a cliché. What it had really been like, Harm decided, was finding something at the bottom of a drawer – something you’d forgotten you even owned – putting it on, and staring at yourself in the mirror, marveling at how good you looked in it. That was exactly what being with Terri had been like: new fascination with something that had been there all along, existing so quietly and consistently that you almost forgot it was there.

Still, the memory of their kiss was plaguing him. Sure, Terri had practically dared him to do it, but he should have been smarter. They work together now, and wasn’t that one of the excuses he’d used to keep Mac away during the first few years of their partnership? Of course, in the later years, he hadn’t needed any excuses. Mac had chosen to stay away from him all on her own, and, to even his own surprise, Harm found he was much better off for it.

Terri, however, seemed to want to get closer. Harm did too, of course, but there was more than simple physical and emotional attraction to be considered. Both of those were present in spades, but Terri and Harm both had pasts full of ghosts that still haunted them, even though the facts had been settled years ago. Harm had learned the truth about his father, and Terri had slowly reconciled with her own father, after the facts of her mother’s suicide had been revealed. Nevertheless, those damaging circumstances continued to affect both Harm’s and Terri’s ability to form long-lasting, healthy relationships.

Harm cared too deeply for Terri to start something with her that he might not be able to finish. He should have held back when she challenged him to kiss her more deeply. But, of course, that was much easier said than done. In the morning, while he stood in front of his mirror, adjusting his tie and dusting some lint from his uniform, it was easy to tell himself he would have been able to resist her. In the moment, however, he knew he couldn’t have pulled away. Besides, deep down, he hadn’t wanted to.

At lunch earlier, Harm saw Terri in the instructor’s mess. It was a pleasant surprise, because, as she had said, the science building, where she taught, was on the opposite side of campus from where Harm’s classes met. They made pleasant small talk while they ate. Harm wanted to address his unease about going too far the previous night, but the cafeteria was buzzing with other officers, and around the Academy, gossip was known to spread faster than a wildfire through dry brush.

At his apartment that night, Harm was debating whether he should call her, and address the situation. He would have preferred to have the conversation in person, but it was bothering him so much, he wanted to get it settled now. The phone would have to do. He had the cordless in his hand, his finger poised to dial, when he his cell began to ring. The Elvis ringtone told him it was Terri calling, before he even saw her number on the display screen.

“Hi, Terri,” he greeted.

“Evening, Harm. Do you have a few minutes?”

“For you? Of course,” Harm answered.

“Good,” Terri said. She paused momentarily, then dove right in. “Um, earlier today, at lunch…”

Harm froze. Was she about to say what he thought she was? Was she unknowingly going to make it so easy for him?

“I got this feeling,” Terri continued, “like you wanted to say something, but you didn’t.”

Harm chuckled. “Well, you have to admit, the officer’s mess isn’t exactly the best place to have a private conversation.”

“No, it’s not,” Terri agreed. “But now, there’s no one here but the two of us.”

“Is that my cue to start talking?” Harm smiled.

“Only if you want to. If you prefer, I can fill you in on how my class made me answer approximately a million questions about whether CSI and Cold Case go by the ‘real’ forensic procedures.”

Harm laughed. “Don’t let them do that to you, Terri. You’re the teacher. Not to mention, you outrank them by a longshot.”

“Yeah, I know,” Terri said. “But I try to let them have some fun. Hey, if television is getting people more interested in this kind of work, then I can’t complain. Well, except when those shows don’t follow anything remotely close to proper procedures, and then, don’t get me started.”

Harm laughed again. He’d noticed himself doing that more in the two days Terri had been in town than he had in several weeks before. “Well, you’re right about one thing,” he said. “I did want to talk about something today.”

“It’s about last night, isn’t it,” Terri stated. It wasn’t a question.

“How did you know?”

“It just seemed like you were…holding back, and, really, what else could it be?”

“It is about last night,” Harm confirmed. He laid back on his couch. “It’s about – “

“The kiss,” Terri interrupted.

“Are you going to let me finish a sentence here?” Harm teased.


“I just…I’m sorry if I went too far. It was pretty abrupt, I guess.”

“Harm, I requested it.”

“I know, but I didn’t have to kiss you like…like that. I mean, I could have hugged you or something.”

“And I would have been disappointed, Harm. I thought we were having a really good time. At least, I was.”

“So was I, Terri. Definitely. But, even so, I didn’t have to end it that way.”

“What else would you have done, Harm? Shook my hand? Patted me on the back? Harm, we’re adults.”

“Exactly,” Harm said. “So we should be able to control those impulses; not act like a couple of teenagers, who can’t keep their hands off each other.”

Terri laughed. “Harm, you’re making it sound like we had nonstop sex on my living room floor! It was just a kiss.”


“Do you regret it?” Terri asked.

“Do you?” Harm replied.

“I asked you first.”

Harm sighed. “No, I don’t regret it.”

“Then, why are you so hung up on it?”

“Because, I just…”

“You’re afraid you sent the wrong signal? That you’ve ruined everything?”

Harm laid very still on the couch, staring up at the ceiling. Was it that he was especially transparent, or was Terri especially perceptive? “I thought you were going to let me finish my own sentences.”


“Maybe I didn’t want to scare you away,” Harm said softly.

“I’m still here,” Terri informed him.

“Maybe I didn’t want to scare me away.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means I’m not very good at this,” Harm confessed. “My track record isn’t exactly filled with successes. You’ve got a new job, in a new city. You don’t need a new man to complicate things.”

“Harm, we’ve known each other for seven years. That’s not exactly ‘new.’”

“What we did last night was new,” Harm pointed out.

“Yes, it was. But do you hear me complaining?”

Harm smiled. “No. And I’m not complaining, either. I guess I’m just…trying to sort it out.”

“Would you like to sort it out in person?” Terri asked.


“I’ve been thinking about you, Harm.”

“Oh?” Harm asked. “And what, exactly, have you been thinking about me?”

“That I wanted to see you again. I know it’s only been a few hours since I saw you at lunch, but…I just…I just miss you.” She chuckled. “God, now I do sound like a kid.”

Honesty. Pure and simple. A woman who was totally straightforward about what she wanted. Harm couldn’t decide if he was fascinated, or terrified. “You’re welcome to come over here,” he told her. “I’m not busy tonight.”

“You really wouldn’t mind?”

Harm smiled. “I just invited you, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, but you might be doing it out of guilt, or pity, or…”

“Or maybe I want to see you again, too,” Harm said. “Why would I pity you, Terri? When you asked me to kiss you last night, I didn’t back away, and I didn’t hesitate. You’ve got to give yourself more credit, honey.”

“I’m not very good at this either,” Terri said.

“Then, at least we’ll screw it up together,” Harm declared.

Terri laughed. “Listen, I’ll stop at a coffee shop on my way. What can I bring you?”

“Just coffee. None of those fancy whipped cream drinks.”

“Where’s your sense of adventure?” Terri chastised.

On her way to my apartment, with coffee in her hand. “I keep it tucked away for special occasions,” Harm joked.

Maybe I’ll convince him to let it out someday, Terri thought. “Harm?” she asked. “We’re friends, right?”


“Good. I’m glad we got that settled. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”



Harm and Terri’s relationship continued to deepen during the next few weeks. Harm would take Terri on long walking tours of colonial Annapolis, pointing out sites that been frequented by some of the founding fathers. When they grew tired, they would stop in at one of the numerous, quaint taverns or restaurants on the waterfront, and share a slow, relaxed lunch, all the while enjoying the view of the Severn River.

Very naturally, without a concerted effort from either of them, they’d become a bona fide couple. At first, it was just on the weekends that they spent time together, but that had quickly morphed into cooking dinner for each other, or watching movies together any night of the week. Even if one of them was busy grading quizzes, or making new lesson plans, they would still spend the evening together, one of them seated at the desk in Harm or Terri’s apartment, while the other read a book or quietly watched television on the couch, patiently waiting for the other to finish.

They’d begun to share a bed some nights, as well. They would fall asleep, cuddled in the warmth of the other, and, until recently, neither had brought up the subject of taking it any further. During the past few days, however, Terri had begun to drop subtle – and not-so-subtle – hints, that she wanted to take things to the next level.

For his part, Harm was ecstatic. It was getting more and more difficult to lay there with her all night – her soft breasts pressing against his chest through the fabric of her nightgown, the tickle of her long hair when it brushed against his skin – and not take it any further. It had been a long time since he’d been with a woman – not since Renee, in fact – and it wasn’t easy to keep his long-suppressed urges in check when in such close proximity to a woman like Terri. A woman he loved.

Tonight, he hoped all that would change. Terri’s car had been making a funny noise, so Harm had agreed to drive to her condo, and they would drive back to his place separately, he in her car, and she in his SUV. That way, Harm could hear the noise, and if it was something he could repair, he could leave it at his apartment and work on it the next day. They would take his car to dinner, and to the symphony afterward. Harm had thought long and hard about something nice to do for Terri, so when he found out the New York Philharmonic was in the Capital for a special concert, he immediately bought two tickets. He’d been nervous about her reaction to his invitation, but she had tenderly assured him that even though she was partial to southern men, singing about lost loves, lost wages, and lost pickup trucks, she could appreciate fine classical music just as well.

Harm arrived at her door, knocked, and waited. When Terri opened the door, Harm’s heart sped up at the sight of her. Terri wore a plum colored, full-length dress. It was snug around her curves, and the slit along the side emphasized her long legs. Harm unconsciously whistled as he let out his breath.

“See something you like, Commander?” Terri asked, smiling wickedly.

“That’s more than a dress,” Harm replied, “it’s kryptonite.”

“Oh?” Terri asked.

Harm nodded. He approached her purposefully, brushed her long, silky hair off her shoulder, and kissed her neck. “Yeah,” he said. “It’s making me weak…taking away my ability to resist you…” He teased, his arms encircling her waist.

“Maybe you shouldn’t be trying to resist,” Terri teased.

Harm’s reply was punctuated by the kisses he placed on her cheeks, lips, and throat. “But…then…we’d never…get to…the show.”

“Maybe I have a better show in store for you…”

At that, Harm pulled away slightly. Quirking up an eyebrow, he said, “In that case, we’d better at least make it to dinner, because I think I’m going to need all my strength…”

“Oh, yeah, you will,” Terri said breathlessly, as Harm ran his hand along her hip. Terri pulled away after a moment. “I need to fix my hair,” she said, walking to her bedroom, with Harm following on her heels. She sat at her vanity table and began to pull her hair into an emerald-studded clip, which matched her jewelry. Purple and green had always been her favorite combination.

Harm reached out and gently took the clip from her. “Leave it down,” he requested. Running his fingers through her flaxen locks, he said, “You have the most beautiful hair.” Bending down, he kissed the top of her head. “You have to wear it up every day; no one ever gets to see how beautiful you are.”

Granting Harm his request, Terri left her hair down. She picked up a brush and ran it slowly through a few times. Satisfied with her appearance, she turned back to Harm, who had been observing conspicuously, from over her shoulder.

Taking in the stunning sight before him, Harm whistled, then shook his head. “Maybe you should put it up,” he pondered aloud. “After all, if everyone does see how beautiful you are, I’ll be history by the end of the evening.”

Terri swatted him playfully, a flattered smile gracing her face. “You have nothing to worry about, Harm. You know that.”

“I don’t know,” Harm said doubtfully. “Every man in town tonight is going to take one look at you, and wonder what in the world you’re doing with a guy like me.”

Terri bit her lip for just a moment, debating whether she should say what was on the tip of her tongue. The argument in favor quickly won. “Oh, I know exactly what I’m doing with a guy like you. And, maybe, if you’re a good boy tonight, I’ll show you, later.”

Terri’s words left Harm frozen in place. He had been hoping that tonight would be “the night,” but he’d also been trying not to let that possibility overwhelm him. He’d known Terri for almost seven years, but they’d only been dating for a few weeks. Things had been going so right – more right that they had ever gone with a woman before – and he didn’t want to risk pushing her into it too quickly. Nevertheless, Terri had been the one who’d been dropping hints all evening, so maybe they were on the same wavelength.

And, even if they weren’t, one thing Harm had always admired about Terri was her forthrightness. She was a confident, independent woman, and Harm knew she wouldn’t allow him to pressure her into anything she wasn’t ready for. If she didn’t want to do it, she would tell him, and in no uncertain terms.

Oh, but he was still praying she wanted it just as much as he did. As he’d splashed on some aftershave, and gotten dressed earlier, Harm found his heart beating a little faster with thoughts about what might happen later. He felt as giddy as a high-schooler on prom night.




Harm spared no expense that evening. He and Terri dined at one of the District’s most exclusive restaurants, and their dinner was twice interrupted, by two different members of Congress, whom Harm had gotten to know through various investigations during his time at JAG Headquarters. Terri made a joke about how, now, all the women in town would be wondering what he, the gorgeous, powerful, politically-connected man, was doing with a woman like her. Harm shrugged off the attention, dismissing it as par for the course for someone who had, on occasion, represented JAG before the Armed Services Committees.

Later on, during the music performance, Terri left Harm no questions as to her intentions for the remainder of their evening together. Harm loved the baroque compositions of Vivaldi, and Telemann, but he found it nearly impossible to concentrate on the music, thanks to the sensations Terri created, when she ran her hand gently up and down his thigh, venturing occasionally to the growing hardness nestled between his legs.

He had half a mind to tell her to mind her manners in public, but the bigger part of him was flattered that she literally couldn’t keep her hands off him. Besides, he thought, with a sly grin – revenge would be sweet.

The show ended after a lengthy standing ovation, and subsequent encore. When Harm and Terri stood up to leave, Harm reached down to where Terri had draped her shawl across the back of her seat. He held it out for her, and as she stepped back into it, Harm wrapped it around her shoulders, deliberately trailing his fingers along the sensitive spot he’d discovered on the side of her neck.

Terri sighed dreamily. “No fair,” she whispered.

“Oh no?” Harm chuckled softly. He leaned down to whisper in her ear. “Then, what would you call what you’ve been doing to me all night?”

Terri turned around, and looked him squarely in the eyes. “Whetting your appetite.”




After an uneventful drive back up to Annapolis, they arrived back at Harm’s apartment. Of course, it had only been uneventful because Harm had requested, albeit reluctantly, that Terri keep her hands to herself, lest they get into an accident on the highway.

The noise that Terri’s car had been making was nothing major, so Terri was going to drive it back to her place, and Harm would come by the next day to repair it.

“Well,” Terri said, “I guess this is goodnight.” She made no move to exit the car.

“Unless…would you like to come upstairs?” Harm asked.

A small smile appeared on Terri’s face, despite her effort to suppress it. “What?” she asked.

Harm shrugged. “I thought maybe you’d like a cup of coffee, or something.”

“Or something?” Terri asked, her voice rising in pitch.

Harm shifted nervously in his seat. “Or…just…coffee, if that’s what you’d like.”

“Harm,” Terri said softly, “what is it you’re really trying to ask?”

Harm’s mouth opened and closed a few times as he tried to form a coherent thought. “I…well…it’s just that…” He looked away from her and let out a sigh. He’d never had much of a problem being honest with her in the past; why was it so difficult, now? “Look, Terri,” he said, suddenly matter-of-factly, “I’ve had such a great time with you tonight; I guess I just don’t want it to end.”

Terri smiled warmly. “Was that really so hard?”

“Yes,” Harm chuckled.

“Harm,” Terri said, her tone light, “We’ve been friends for quite some time now, and we’ve always been able to be honest with each other. It’s one of the things I cherish about our relationship. We’re both adults. So, do we really need to act like a couple of nervous teenagers?”

Harm cast her a sidelong glance. “I don’t know, Terri. You have this way of…making me feel like I’m just that.”

“What – a nervous teenager?”

“Yeah,” Harm smiled.

“Why?” Terri asked.

“I guess…this – you and me – feels so good. I just don’t want to screw it up.”

“And why do you think you would do that?”

Harm sighed. “I don’t know. Ask any of the women who’ve stopped dating me.”

“I’d rather not see the former competition, if I can help it,” Terri said. Her light-hearted remark put Harm more at ease. He marveled, not for the first time, at her ability to make him forget himself.

“So, will you, then? Come up, I mean.”

“Harm,” Terri said, “if you’re asking what I think you’re asking, then you know what I’d love to hear?” She ran her hand slowly up his arm, tickling him gently, sending a shiver of anticipation to every nerve ending in his body.

Harm swallowed hard. He took her hand in his, caressing her palm with his thumb. “What?” he whispered.

Terri leaned in to him and sucked his earlobe gently into her mouth. “Do you have any idea what it would do to me to hear you say, ‘Teresa, you’re beautiful, and I want you to come upstairs with me, so I can make love to you.”

Harm let out a soft groan. “Teresa,” he said, cupping her face in his hand, running his thumb along her soft jawline. He kissed her lips tenderly. Pulling away, he made his way down to her neck, leaving a trail of feathery kisses in his path. “You’re so much more than beautiful, and I want you to come upstairs with me, so we can make love, and I can show you just how much more.”

Feeling a tingle zing through her, Terri placed her hands on either side of Harm’s face, and drew him in for a powerful kiss. She tugged on his bottom lip as she pulled away. “I thought you’d never ask.” She smiled saucily, reached for the handle and opened the car door.

Stunned into motionlessness, Harm could only sit there, watching Terri’s hips sway gently as she walked toward the apartment building. He wondered how he’d even make it beyond the elevator ride.




Thanks to Terri’s ministrations during the concert, Harm had been aroused to fever pitch, and brought back down again, more times than he could count. It took all his strength to keep from ravaging her the minute they stepped into his apartment.

“You were pretty mean to me back there, in the music hall,” Harm said, as he followed Terri into the bedroom.

“And here, I thought you enjoyed it,” Terri teased.

“Oh, I did,” Harm replied. “Very much, in fact. All I’m saying is, what goes around comes around.”

Terri sat on the edge of Harm’s bed. “In that case,” she said, her voice sultry, “you’d better make it ‘come around’ soon. I’m not sure how long I can stand to wait.”

Harm smiled. “Anxious, are we?”

Terri nodded slowly, her face a wall of seriousness. Harm approached her slowly, then sat next to her, and cupped her soft face in his big hand. “Me too,” he assured her, before angling her face to his, capturing her lips in a sweet kiss that offered only the tiniest shadow of what was to come later.

Pulling away, Harm looked deeply into Terri’s blue eyes. “Are you sure you want this?” he asked.

Terri nodded. Taking his hand, she placed it over her heart, pressing it to her body, so he could feel how her pulse was quickening. “I’ve wanted this for longer than you know. Since the day we met, when I was investigating the remains of that Indian man. You leaned over my shoulder, and I couldn’t concentrate. I couldn’t even breathe.”

The hand that wasn’t pressed to Terri’s heart was playing at the back of her neck, tickling her warm skin, occasionally dipping into her flaxen tresses. “And how about now?”

“Still can’t breathe,” Terri whispered, her breath catching as Harm’s fingers continued to work their magic.

“Get used to it,” Harm whispered, blowing softly into her ear. “I plan to leave you completely breathless tonight, beautiful.”

Terri whimpered at the sensation of Harm’s breath on her skin. Not wanting to wait for her partner’s seemingly torturous pace, she slipped her hands under his suit jacket, pressing firmly against his muscles. Slowly, she pushed the jacket over his shoulders and down his arms, rising to her feet when it was completely off him, and draping it over the back of the chair at her vanity table. Turning back to him, she swayed her hips deliberately as she walked back to the bed. She didn’t sit down, though. Instead, she stood between Harm’s legs, and reached down to remove his tie.

As Terri did stood before him, Harm was at eye-level with her breasts, which were uplifted and heaving, thanks to the bustier Terri wore under her almost-backless dress. While Terri’s nimble fingers worked their way through the buttons on Harm’s dress shirt, Harm placed one hand on Terri’s waist, feeling the sexy curve beneath the smooth fabric of her dress. Pulling her even closer to him, he buried his face in her cleavage, kissing the exposed portions of the pale mounds, on either side of the small valley between them. She smelled so sweet, felt so amazing under his touch, and she hadn’t even removed a stitch of clothing. Originally, he’d had every intention of taking things slowly this first time, but now, surrounded by the sensuality that was this woman, he doubted his ability to wait very long.

Terri had managed to get Harm’s shirt almost all the way off his body, but he had to help her with the cufflinks: a pair of gold JAG insignias, that she had sent him as a birthday gift a few years back, when he was still the senior attorney at HQ. The task completed, Terri took the shirt and laid it neatly over Harm’s jacket, on the chair. Satisfied with her handiwork, Terri resumed her place beside Harm on the bed. Saying nothing, she simply stared at him, her eyes drinking in his chiseled form. From his powerful arms, which were equally adept at fighting mercilessly, and loving tenderly, to the well-defined abdomen, that had come only with intense work and discipline, he was undeniably, pure male.

His cool, spicy scent beckoned to her, and she succumbed willingly. Leaning closer to him, she brought her mouth to his shoulder, kissing it softly, then gliding her tongue along his delicious skin. Working her way inward, her mouth trailed along his collarbone, and rose up along his neck, all the while forging a path of tender kisses, until she arrived at his ear, where she sucked the lobe into her mouth, alternating soft swipes of her bottom lip, with teasing nips from her teeth.

Harm moaned wistfully. This was supposed to be his show, and, somehow, Terri had managed to take control from him. Not that he could complain; what she was doing was magical. Still, wanting to restore the balance, Harm placed his hand on Terri’s face, drawing her lips to his. Their mouths met, and Harm ran his tongue along her rosy lips, silently seeking entrance to the sweetness that lay inside. Terri parted her lips, and their tongues instantly engaged in a slow waltz, gliding and mating in a kiss that made them both moan.

The kiss alone was enough to make Terri’s body react. She felt her nipples grow and harden; the heat and moisture between her thighs were undeniable. Pulling her lips from Harm’s, she trailed her tongue down his throat, stopping to suck at his Adam’s apple, before moving to the soft spot between his shoulder and collarbone. All the while, she ran her hand down his torso, tickling the downy-soft hair on his chest, then pressing more firmly against his muscles. Moving lower, Harm gasped, his abdomen contracting involuntarily. So, Terri thought, her strong, cocky man was ticklish. It was a useful tidbit she locked away, to use again sometime.

Not to be outdone by the woman beside him, Harm reached around Terri’s back, and slowly lowered the zipper on her dress. Only able to get so far, though, he coaxed her to her feet in front of him, so he could lower it all the way to where it stopped at her tailbone. With his hands on her shoulders, he eased the spaghetti straps down her arms, pushed the dress gently over her hips, and let it pool on the floor. Not wanting to appear ungentlemanly, he reached down to pick it up. He was about to drape it over the chair, on top of his own clothing, but Terri took it from his hand, and let it slip from her fingers back onto the floor.

“Leave it,” Terri said softly. Tugging at Harm’s hands, she led him to the bed again, standing before him, as she had before. This time, though, it was Harm who took the lead. Putting his hands on her waist, he drew her closer to him, placing feathery kisses all along the lacy edge of her red bustier, where her generous breasts spilled over. Reaching around her, he freed the fastenings and peeled the tight garment away, exposing her body to his hungry gaze. If her hard, straining nipples were any indication, she was just as aroused as he was. She was an intelligent, sexy, amazing woman, and she was his. He had done this to her. He felt a surge of male pride wash over him.

He couldn’t wait any longer; he had to taste her. Opening his mouth, he circled his tongue around one tawny pebble, savoring the sensation slowly, getting into it even more when Terri moaned. Not to let her other nipple be neglected, Harm teased the peak with his fingers, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger, alternating the focus with a broader sweep of her whole breast, his large hand cupping and massaging the soft flesh.

Terri’s moans grew louder and more frequent. Entranced by the sensations Harm’s ministrations were sending throughout her entire body, Terri tangled her hands in his short, dark hair, holding his head in place against her breasts, not allowing him any opportunity to let up on the pleasure he was giving her. Her center was throbbing with anticipation; she ached to know how Harm would react when he felt how wet his simple actions had made her.

Deciding that she needed to know sooner than she thought Harm would grant her, she pulled Harm’s hand away, and gently sat next to him on the bed. Pulling his face to hers, she captured his lips with her own, her powerful kiss telling Harm, without words, that she wanted to – no, needed to – take it to the next step. As her tongue plundered Harm’s mouth, she ran her hand up Harm’s thigh, her manicured nails lightly scraping him through his pants. She moved slowly, up and down, from his knee to his hip, and then started moving inward, to his sensitive inner thighs. Harm’s moans making her more daring with each passing second, Terri finally reached the spot where they both wanted her to be. Arriving at the destination, Terri cupped him firmly, flattered that he was as aroused as she was. He was big; she could tell without even having seen him yet. And yet, she was more than ready for him. She’d been ready for him since their first kiss, on her porch, after their first date.

“Aaah, Terri…” Harm moaned. He covered her hand with his own, pressing it against himself even harder.

“Stand up, Harm,” Terri commanded gently. Harm did as she asked, and she started in immediately on his belt, slipping the leather free from the buckle. Pushing the two ends to either side, she made quick work of the button on his pants, and then, slowly, torturously, she slid the zipper down, making sure she dragged it deliberately over his surging hardness. The sensation made Harm buck against her hand, and he grabbed her wrist, holding it firmly.

Not bothering to go through the motions twice, Terri slid Harm’s boxers down his legs, right along with his pants. Harm pulled off his socks and stepped out of the clothing, appearing completely vulnerable before his lover for the first time. Terri placed her hands on Harm’s hips, and moved them slowly in and downward, until they followed the path of his pubic bone, getting closer and closer to his full erection.

Just when Harm thought she was going to tease him all night long, Terri finally touched him. Cupping his firm backside with one hand, she used her other hand to work him slowly into a raging inferno of desire. She started innocently, grasping his shaft lightly, while she rubbed her thumb in circles over the swollen tip. If it was even possible, Harm grew harder under her touch. Acquiring a mind of their own, his hips began making short thrusts, driving his shaft in and out of the column Terri’s fingers had created. Gathering courage from a place he had no idea even existed, Harm forced himself to be still. If he didn’t, he knew this would be over before it even started. He wanted this to be special for Terri, but damn, she seemed hell-bent on pleasing him first.

Before he could stop her, Terri had slid off the bed, onto her knees on the floor. She guided Harm’s erection to her mouth, wrapping her lips around the engorged tip. Slowly, so slowly, she took him all the way inside, loosening her throat to accommodate his generous size. The warm walls of her mouth surrounded him fully, and as she slid her head back and forth, she used her tongue to stimulate him further.

“Terri,” Harm gasped. “Terri, you have to stop if…if you want to…”

Terri shook her head. She had waited far too long to experience this to give in so easily. Waited too long to see him this way, to feel him, to taste him. She was living out a fantasy, and no protests from Harm could ever make her stop, now that it was an unbelievable reality. She was dripping with need for him, but she had every confidence that Harm would be up to the task later, no matter what she did to him first.

“I do want to,” she assured Harm, breathlessly. “But, right now, I want this more.” With that, she refocused her efforts, this time clamping her mouth tighter around his penis, sucking with the heavy pressure she’d known some men to enjoy most. Going by the moans and growls coming from Harm’s mouth, he liked it, too. Wanting to give him maximum pleasure, Terri reached up and cupped his balls with her other hand, squeezing and fondling them gently, a contrast to the more forceful actions of her mouth.

“Oh, Jesus, Terri,” Harm rasped. “God, that feels so good.” Unable to stop himself, he thrust his hands into Terri’s hair, holding her head in place firmly. He began to move his hips, creating a counterpoint to Terri’s movements. God, why was she doing this to him? Didn’t she know he wasn’t a kid anymore? It was going to take him a while to be “up” to it again, and yet, she didn’t seem to mind at all postponing her own bliss, to make sure he experienced it first.

“I’m gonna come soon, baby,” he warned her. “I’m so close.” Upon hearing that, Terri worked her mouth even harder, tightening the suction around his throbbing member, her hand squeezing his balls more firmly. It took only a few more thrusts, and Harm was emptying his essence into Terri’s welcoming mouth. Instead of flinching back, like some women Harm had known, Terri sucked him even harder, milking every last drop as the pulsations slowed, then finally stopped.

Harm was so lost in the denouement of his stunning climax, that he didn’t even notice when Terri had slipped discreetly into the bathroom. She was gone only a few seconds. Harm heard the faucet turn on for just a moment, and then Terri was back. He didn’t mind that she hadn’t swallowed; what she had done for him was mindblowing.

When Terri appeared before him again, he kissed her deeply, his tongue thrusting into her mouth. He could still taste some of the saltiness there; it made him amazed all over again. When they separated, he was still short of breath. “Why did you do that?” he asked her. He cupped her face in his hand, marveling at the look of pure adoration on her face.

Mirroring Harm’s action, Terri cupped his face in her hand. She looked deep into his eyes, the normally bright blue-green now dark and fiery with arousal. She ran her other hand along his chest, feeling the cool moisture of the sheen of sweat she’d left him with. “Why do you think?” she purred. Stepping away from him, she swept her gaze slowly and deliberately over his entire body. “You’re beautiful. I had to have you.”

Harm blushed at the unexpected comment.

“You’re blushing,” Terri said, smiling at his shyness. Her teasing made him blush even more. “What?” she grinned.

Harm shrugged sheepishly. armH“I guess I’m not used to hearing things like that,” he admitted.

“Well, that’s a shame,” Terri said, “because it’s true.” With that, she leaned down and circled her tongue around one of his nipples. Harm shivered, his skin still ultra-sensitive. Terri chuckled, satisfied. “What other things are you not used to hearing?” she teased.

“Why don’t you say something, and we’ll find out,” Harm suggested.

“Are you…do you mean…” Terri stumbled through the words. Was he asking her to talk dirty to him?

“Say something,” Harm urged.

This time, it was Terri’s turn to blush. “Maybe next time,” she said, smiling sheepishly.

Dropping the subject – for now – Harm simply said, “Maybe next time, I won’t let you do that first.”

“Why not?” Terri demanded playfully.

“Because, I don’t want you to feel like you have to. I don’t want you to ever feel like you need to.”

“I wanted to, Harm,” Terri promised him. “God, I’ve wanted to feel you like that forever.”

“Mmm, well, it’s my turn now,” Harm informed her, a devilish sparkle in his eyes. Pulling her toward him, he claimed her mouth once more, swallowing the moan she let out. “One of us is overdressed,” he said, when they separated. “And, since I’m not wearing anything, it must be you.” He blazed a trail of hot, wet kisses, starting at her neck, moving down through the valley between her breasts, going lower to her navel, finally landing at the waistband of her red lace panties. He pulled them down her legs slowly. He was instantly assailed by the musky scent of her arousal. The smell alone was almost enough to start his penis hardening again. Maybe, he realized, that had been Terri’s plan all along – to satiate him early on, so he’d be able to focus on her exclusively for a while. Not that he was complaining; it was sheer genius, in fact.

Harm guided Terri back to the bed, laying her down on her back. Joining her, he placed his hands on her thighs, gently urging them apart, revealing her treasure to him. Her curls glistened with her juices; God, he just had to taste her. Scooting down on the bed, Harm came up between Terri’s legs. He started with innocent kisses on her inner thighs, tiny pecks that barely touched her. Terri was already squirming with anticipation, and Harm had to put one of his big hands on her hips, to still her. “Relax,” he told her in a throaty whisper. “Take it slow.”

Terri whimpered in protest. She didn’t want to take it slow. She wanted Harm’s mouth on her, and she wanted it now. Finally, showing her a tiny shred of mercy, Harm trailed his index finger along her dripping folds, starting at the back, and making his way slowly toward her pink, protruding clit.

“Harm, please,” Terri begged. The desperation in her voice got through to him, and he extended his tongue to touch her ever so lightly. The barest hint of contact made Terri buck against him, and Harm smiled, marveling again at the incredible reactions he could elicit from her. Spurred on by her moaning, Harm fell to her in earnest, his tongue sweeping along her most sensitive spot, while two long fingers slid easily in and out of her warm, wet opening. Just as Harm had done with her, Terri now held Harm’s head firmly in place – as if there were any place on earth he’d rather be than right here, between her thighs.

“Oh, God, Harm…yes!” Terri panted. She knew he’d be a good lover, but this was beyond her expectations. The sensations he created were coursing through her, and she could feel a powerful orgasm building from every cell in her body. She writhed and thrashed under Harm’s ministrations.

“Let it come, baby,” Harm encouraged. “Don’t fight it.”

As if Terri needed any instruction. Her climax ripped through her; her whole body tingled and vibrated, from her shoulders to her ankles. As Harm’s mouth worked to lap up her juices, the unrelenting strokes of his tongue extended her orgasm, drawing it out impossibly, as she continued to squirm and shake under his hands. The sight, sound, taste, and feel of her were driving Harm crazy. To his own surprise, he was hard as a rock again, and ready for whatever Terri would be willing to give him.

He stroked himself slowly, as he watched Terri come down from her high. Her face was flushed, and her lips, dark and swollen with arousal, were parted as she panted, trying to get her breathing back to normal. Her nipples were still hard, and the sight of her body, with all its generous, glorious curves, laid out just for him, made his mind race with need.

When Terri’s soul had finally returned to her body from that otherworldly place, she glanced over to see Harm, keeping himself hard for her. A small part of her had been worried that it would take him a while to be ready again, after what she did to him earlier, but she couldn’t stop herself. The moment she saw his huge erection, she knew she had to have him in her mouth, no matter what happened later. If she thought she was grateful for him being in such great physical shape before, it paled in comparison to the appreciation she felt now. She’d given him a little workout, and he was anything but exhausted. Thank God, she thought, because she was certain she would die if he wasn’t inside her soon.

“Sweetheart,” Harm said, still touching himself.

Terri didn’t give him a chance to say anything further. “Now, Harm,” she said. “Now.”

Thrilled to oblige her, and oblivious to anything but his crushing need to be deep inside her, Harm was about to lay on top of her when a glint of reality crashed down upon him. “One second,” he told Terri. He was about to slide off the bed and retrieve the condom from his wallet, when Terri stilled him with a delicate hand on his strong forearm.

“It’s fine,” she assured him, her eyes meeting his. “Don’t worry.”

Thank God, Harm thought. He was clean, and he’d always assumed Terri was, too, but he hadn’t thought to ask ahead of time whether Terri was on any birth control. Apparently, she was, and he was never so grateful to modern medicine as in that moment. He didn’t want anything separating them. He wanted to feel her surround him, to join with her completely.

He leaned down to kiss her once more, their tongues dueling in a fierce battle of desire. Pulling back from her, he guided his unbearably hard penis to her entrance. He met her eyes one last time, and when she nodded her consent again, he eased his way inside her. Her heat and wetness enveloped him, her body fitting him like a glove. He was instantly in Heaven. She was so tight; he felt her muscles relax and expand to accommodate him, but, if the look of ecstasy on her face was anything to go by, he wasn’t in danger of hurting her.

When he was inside to the hilt, he stilled, looking down into Terri’s eyes. “I love you,” he told her.

“I love you, too,” Terri replied. She was barely able to get the words out, so mesmerized was she by the sight of Harm’s strong, lean body nestled between her legs. Harm leaned down to kiss her once again. As their lips met, Terri pushed her hips forward, encouraging Harm to move. Only too willing to please, Harm began the ageless push and pull of lovers since the beginning of time. He pulled out slowly, until just the tip of his manhood was inside her, then slammed back in quickly, watching Terri’s face, gauging her reactions to find a rhythm that worked for both of them.

Harm supported his weight with his hands on either side of Terri’s body as he drove into her. His grunts of exertion matched Terri’s cries of pleasure in intensity. It wasn’t long before they were both reaching the peak again, Terri’s second orgasm coming courtesy of Harm’s finger feverishly stroking the straining bundle of nerves at her apex.

Their blinding climaxes having drained them both of every last shred of energy, they collapsed against each other, holding each other close through the night.


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