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Classification Humor, Romance (H/M)
Length Approximately 1,000 words; 3 pages (8 ˝” x 11”)
Spoilers Through Season 10
Rating IM15
Summary Not all things go as planned – Harm and Mac humor.



0445 Zulu
Mac’s Office
JAG Headquarters
Falls Church, Virginia


It was well passed the time that staff members would be in the office working on a Friday night.  Most people secured early on Friday heading out to meet up with friends and family.  But, this evening, two officers stayed behind working hard. . . or maybe hardly working at all if one would hear the grunts coming from Mac’s office. . .
“UGH!” Mac’s face contorted as she adjusted to the intrusion. “Push it in a bit more.”
“Why?”  Harm asked, his eyebrows hitting his hairline.
She shot him an exasperated look. “It’s not all the way in.”  Stopping, she glared at him as if he’d grown two heads.  “It needs to go in further.”
“How would you know?”  Harm shot back accusingly.
“Because, I’ve done this before, perhaps?”
“Yea, how many times would that be?”  He said with a slight bit of disdain in his voice.  With a huff, he stopped what he was doing and stared at her.  “Mac, what if I jiggle it a little?”
Now that did sound like a good idea.  Mac conceded, “Okay, but do it gently and slowly.”
Moving his hand, he tried the jiggling slow and gently, but it just was NOT working! “Oh C’mon! It can’t be THIS difficult . . . You’ve thought I’d never done this before.”  Stopping all movement, he grinned at Mac as an idea passed through his head. “Do you have anything to lubricate it? Maybe that way I can make it all the way in.”
“NO!  You don’t need to lubricate it.”  Mac was about to give up on the whole thing.  How hard could it be? “I’ve NEVER had this problem before!”
“Well there is a first time for everything.”  With a sigh, he went back to his initial idea. “Let me try jiggling it again.”
“Will you stop doing that!  It’s not doing anything. . .”  She’d finally had enough; it was just not going to work.  There as no point in trying anymore. “You know what? Forget it!”
“Oh, C’mon Mac!  I need this as much as you do! Maybe more!”
She knew he was right, the both needed it. . . badly.  “Well, how about if you hold it and I guide it in?”
“Yea! That could work!”  Harm gave her his infamous flyboy smile.
“Okay. . . here we go. . on three. . . two. . .one.”
A synched “OWWW!!!”  resonated the walls of JAG headquarters.  Major General Cresswell, who had returned to the office to pick up his laptop, paused before Mac’s office.  He tried to peek in through the blinds, but saw nothing. 
“Okay, now screw.”  Mac said with a grunt. “Oww!  Will you hurry! This hurts!”
“What in the hell are you two doing?” Without knocking, Cresswell entered her office, stopping short when he found both Harm and Mac, on the floor in front of the TV.  Neither of them were wearing their jackets, Mac was barefoot.  Harm was on his knees holding a cable while Mac was bent over trying to adjust it to the back of the TV.
Harm helped Mac come to attention, both of them nearly falling down again.  “Sorry, sir.”  It was Mac who had more bravado to speak up.  “The Commander and I had a video pertinent to our cases. . .”
“The cables behind the TV and VCR were not put in properly.  The Colonel and I were just trying to fix it.  But the cables are difficult to stick in.”
“Yes, sir. . . and then it shocked me.”  She added.
As Harm and Mac both stood at attention, Creswell softened slightly.  He now felt like some sort of peeping tom.  “I see. . . as you were.”
Harm and Mac waited a moment or two before breaking out of attention and looking at each other.  Laughing, they both thought back bout their conversation and how badly it could’ve been misconstrued. “Guess that was a pretty bad convo, huh, Mac?”
With a mischievous look, she placed a hand on his cheek, which she ran down to his chest. “I guess, if you were a prude.”
“I am not a prude.”  He grinned.
Mac rose her eyebrows up in challenge and purred out, “Well, show me then.”
His lips descended on hers in one of those earth moving kisses that are designed only for soul mates.  His tongue caressed the seam of her mouth and was happily granted entrance.  Mac’s arms went around his body, holding him even closer as they kissed, hot and passionately.
The “DING!” of the elevator made them part quickly and they were lucky to do so, as the General headed back in again.  “I think we’d better take this elsewhere.”  Harm whispered huskily.
“Oh, yes.”
Cresswell stuck his head into Mac’s office and grinned at his officers. “Will you two just get together and get it over with?  There’s an office pool going on and, frankly, I wouldn’t mind winning the pot.  I mean, how difficult could it be?  It’s obvious you two like each other. . .Now, get out of here, both of you and that is an order.”  With that, he headed out of JAG ops leaving two very stunned officers in his wake.

The End



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