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Aerogirl's "A Question Unanswered" series was voted into the Legacies permanent collection on January 11, 2006.  The series consists of 4 stories, each of which is listed below.  Click the story titles to go to the individual stories.


A Question Unanswered

Part I:  Of Honor and Truth Classification: Action, romance (H/M), Rating: GS (some language, minor violence), Length: 24,000 words (56 pages in MSWord), Spoilers: through mid season 6


Part II:  Of Faith and Trust Classification: JAG story, romance (H/M), Rating: GS, Length: 35,000 words (91 pages in MSWord), Spoilers: Specifically, a VERY important reference to “Death Watch” – if you don’t know about THE kiss, you’re basically screwed from the start. Also “People vs. Mac”, “Touch and Go”, and “Boomerang”. And if you’re really sharp/obsessive, there’s a reference to “Wilderness of Mirrors”. Don’t look too hard, though; it has absolutely no bearing on the story.


Part III:  Of Redemption and Forgiveness Classification: JAG story, romance (H/M), Rating: GS (language), Length: 16,000 words (39 pages in MSWord), Spoilers: none


Part IV:  Of Duty and Sacrifice Classification: JAG story, romance (H/M), Rating: IM15(language), Length: 20,000 words (49 pages in MSWord), Spoilers: “Heroes” and “Black Jet” slightly


The following comments were included in the
nominations for this series:


"This story generally depicts the exceptional relationship of Harm and Mac and really could be appropriate today.  It mixes their relationship, professional investigative skills, and of course, aviation in a manner unique to AeroGirl."




"This series combines the best of everything in a realistic fashion, but still seems like a JAG episode.  It's got Harm and Mac falling in love, but it also has action, courtroom drama, mystery, and fighter planes.  What more could a girl want?"




"Aerogirl is a great writer and this story is no exception.  The plot is a good one and, of course, it is not an easy road for Harm and Mac but it all works out."




"Harm and Mac go on an investigation.  Lots of plot in this one and it takes a near tragedy for Harm and Mac to face their feelings for one another."




"This was one of the first FF I read.  It is set in season 6 with the infamous wedding hanging over everyone's heads.  Aerogirl brings her knowledge of aeronautics to the story, as Harm and Mac are investigating a plane crash.  The twists and turns of the plot keep you on the edge of your seat.  It is during a highly emotionally charged trial that Singer drops a bombshell and Harm and Mac are forced to confront their feelings for one another once and for all.  This is one of Aerogirl's very best."


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