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A Gift. An Heirloom. A Bequest. 
Something left behind for those who come after.
Such is the nature of a legacy.



JAG, created in 1995 by Donald P. Bellisario and Bellisarius Productions, lasted for ten years, finally ending in a manner that attempted to please as many fans as possible - both shipper and non shipper.

Inspired by the characters and story lines in the show, many devoted fans have written fan fiction. There are literally thousands of stories out there. Some are tucked away in private web sites, some hide in the dusty corners of huge archives, and still others exist only in defunct mailing lists or personal collections.

The stories, gifts from the hearts and minds of the fans, float through the vast expanse of the World Wide Web like jet contrails, gradually fading as time goes on until many of them disappear forever, lost to time and inattention. There are those, however, who fight to keep the memories alive, to save them for the fans who might come looking for them again. These are the archivists.

It is unlikely that any archivist will ever be able to collect every story in one place, and we at Legacies know better than to try. Instead, our goal at Legacies is to enlist the fans' help in identifying and collecting the very best JAG fan fiction. It's a challenging and sometimes impossible task, as more and more authors leave JAG fandom in pursuit of other interests. We like challenges though, and we hope that you do, too. With your help, and a little time and effort, we can create a monument to the show we enjoyed for ten wonderful years.



Note: Most stories added to the archive prior to January 1, 2010 were beta read by Legacies staff. All were voted upon by the fans. Stories added after January 1, 2010 were nominated (by somebody other than the author) but not beta-read nor voted upon. In addition, most stories added after January 1, 2010 have been added in single page format rather than being broken into multiple parts. These stories may take longer to load for those readers using dial-up connections. Story lengths are always notated in the index pages and should be taken into account when considering possible load times.

Do you have a favorite story that you think belongs in the archive? Nominate it! If people don't nominate their favorites, this site will be pretty boring indeed. 

Do you have questions about how this project works? Visit the FAQ page where we've tried to explain everything you might want to know (and probably some things you don't). 

If you've already read the FAQ and you still have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you, and happy reading!




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